Special round trips

Hungary has more than a thousand years of history, full of great events, battles, kings, allies, intrigue and enemies and sometimes peaceful years.

Hungarians were nomadic people who moved to the Carpathian basin from the East, somewhere around the Ural Mountains. Under the leadership of Árpád, the Hungarian tribes took over the land around 895.

In 1000, King Stephen I (St. Stephen) founded the state of Hungary, and accepted the Catholic religion as standard. Stephen was crowned with the Holy Crown of Hungary and blessed by the Pope. The crown is now displayed in the Parliament building.

King Stephen I is remembered everywhere in the country, churches, squares and streets are named after him. With him started a kingdom which lasted more than 1000 years and ended with the fall of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy.

Hungary is a country at the heart of Europe, but it is certainly different too in so many ways! It has a wealth of culture and history, complemented by a language so completely different from its neighbours that almost no shared words exist!

Hungary is situated in the low, flat area of the Carpathian Basin, with a gently undulating landscape of hills and plains, and it features one of the largest continuous grasslands in Europe. Perhaps equaling these sights, are the wonders awaiting intrepid adventurers in the depths below the country. Though Hungary is landlocked it holds the largest lake in Europe (Lake Balaton) and is crossed by mighty rivers which divide and define its regions. Even its capital city is split by the Danube River, with Buda on the Western side and Pest on the Eastern bank.

UNESCO World Heritage in Hungary Package Day to day program

1.Day – Arrival in Budapest
Arrival in Budapest, check-in hotel

2.Day – Sightseeing Budapest
Sigthseeing tour Budapest (Gellert-hill, Castle District,Heroes’ Square, Basilica)
In the evening a beautiful dinner-cruise on the Danube in Budapest

3.Day – Pannonhalma Benedict Monastery
Guide tour through monastery, lunch in Pannonhalma

4.Day – Hollókő and Eger
The village Hollókő became part of the heritage in 1987, a place where folkloristic tradition is held high. After a typical regional lunch in Hollókő you travel to Eger.
Walking tour in Eger
Dinner with wine-tasting in Eger

5.Day – Tokaj
Visiting Tokaj, the city of the most famous Hungarian wine. Wine-tasting and lunch in Tokaj
Afterwards returning to Eger

6.Day – Debrecen and Hortobágy National Park
sightseeing tour in Debrecen
Visiting the Hortobágy National Park, puszta-program with carridge ride, horseshow and lunch
Afterwards returning to Eger

7.Day – Departure
Departure from Eger

UNESCO World Heritage in Hungary Package includes:

  • 3 x accommodation with buffet-breakfast in Budapest
  • guided sightseeing tour
  • Dinner-cruise
  • 1x lunch in Hollókő
  • 3 x accommodation with buffet-breakfast in Eger
  • lunch and wine-tasting in Tokaj
  • puszta-program in Hortobágy National Park